Chester City Morris Chasing the Dragon

Team for the Weekend:
Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, John McDermott, Rob Skeates, Allan Rawe, Jim Nicohson, Paul Nicholson, Dave Bloomfield  

Time: 21:00 Friday 22nd April 2005
Location:    The Commercial, Chester
When asking for directions to the pub one person said just follow your nose. It wasn’t till we got there that we understood what he meant. The builders next door had broken the sewer and the place has a distinctive atmosphere. We were just thankful it was not the lamb stew that smelt like that.
Returned to the Staley Palace for more beer and, you guessed it, Dominoes

Time: 9:30 Saturday 23rd April 2005
Location:  Breakfast was served in a local cafe with excellent service and the choice of a small or large breakfast. Guess which one John MaC chose (we won’t tell Jaki).

It was off to the Commercial for coffee and brandy. The front room had lost its smell from the night before and Allan Rawe bought the brandies from his race night winnings.
Time:  10:00
Location:  Town Hall and Eastgate
Chester got the day off to a rousing start followed by Westminster and Greensleeves.

We eased into the day with a Flamborough Longsword dance followed by Walbottle Rapper. Peter seemed to pick up a sword injury, and claimed it was from the first sword clash.



Time:  11:00
Location:  Chester City Walls, King James Tower
Silly places to dance number one. Still, some one had to.



Time: 13:00
Location:  Jackson’s Warehouse
Lunch of chips and black pudding was a strange choice but was washed down with some excellent beers. Great location for a dance.

We danced a very well received 7 man Walbottle Rapper inside in the small performance area. Great atmosphere and Peter managed to avoid the swords this time.

John MaC meditating

After some more dancing in the afternoon, we all retired to the Albion Pub for the now traditional jam doughnuts and a couple of pints. There was also some singing, some of it not too dodgy.

Evening meal was served in Stanley Palace. The meal was excellent with a difficult choice of Thai curries and lasagne and cheese cakes and cheese and biscuits for afters.

The evening was finished of with a concert combing the various talents from al the sides still upright.

Time: 11:00 Sunday
Location:  On the banks of the River Dee