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Chester City Morris Chasing the Dragon

Team for the Weekend:
Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, John McDermott, Rob Skeates, Allan Rawe, Jim Nicohson, Paul Nicholson, Dave Bloomfield  

Time: 21:00 Friday 22nd April 2005
Location:    The Commercial, Chester
When asking for directions to the pub one person said just follow your nose. It wasn’t till we got there that we understood what he meant. The builders next door had broken the sewer and the place has a distinctive atmosphere. We were just thankful it was not the lamb stew that smelt like that.
Returned to the Staley Palace for more beer and, you guessed it, Dominoes


Time: 9:30 Saturday 23rd April 2005
Location:  Breakfast was served in a local cafe with excellent service and the choice of a small or large breakfast. Guess which one John MaC chose (we won’t tell Jaki).


It was off to the Commercial for coffee and brandy. The front room had lost its smell from the night before and Allan Rawe bought the brandies from his race night winnings.
Time:  10:00
Location:  Town Hall and Eastgate
Chester got the day off to a rousing start followed by Westminster and Greensleeves.

We eased into the day with a Flamborough Longsword dance followed by Walbottle Rapper. Peter seemed to pick up a sword injury, and claimed it was from the first sword clash.

chester       greensleeves  

rapper1      rapper2

Time:  11:00
Location:  Chester City Walls, King James Tower
Silly places to dance number one. Still, some one had to.

clog-on-walls      king-james

king-james2     city-wall      rapper3

Time: 13:00
Location:  Jackson’s Warehouse
Lunch of chips and black pudding was a strange choice but was washed down with some excellent beers. Great location for a dance.

We danced a very well received 7 man Walbottle Rapper inside in the small performance area. Great atmosphere and Peter managed to avoid the swords this time.


John MaC meditating

After some more dancing in the afternoon, we all retired to the Albion Pub for the now traditional jam doughnuts and a couple of pints. There was also some singing, some of it not too dodgy.

Evening meal was served in Stanley Palace. The meal was excellent with a difficult choice of Thai curries and lasagne and cheese cakes and cheese and biscuits for afters.

The evening was finished of with a concert combing the various talents from al the sides still upright.

Time: 11:00 Sunday
Location:  On the banks of the River Dee

westminster      westminster2

whitehart      maiden


Weekend of Dance 2004 10th – 12th September

Judging from the comments that we have received from the teams that attended, I think we can say that it was a resounding success. The only thing that slightly spoilt things was the weather, but I don’t think that there were many events, run this year where that couldn’t be said.

The following teams attended:

  • Claro from Yorkshire
  • Thaxted from Essex
  • Redcar Sword form Cleveland
  • Saddleworth from Yorkshire
  • Southport Sword form Merseyside
  • Westminster form London
  • Winchester from way down south

Due to the good response we were able to run two tours this year, as last year, the details of which will be shown below.


Tour 1
  Tour 2
FRIDAY 10th September 2004
8.00pm Ales and supper

SATURDAY 11th September 2004
8.00 Breakfast
9:30 Tours depart – coaches.

10:00 Ferry across the Tyne
10:15 King Street, South Shields
11:15 The Stags Head, S Shields
12:30 Ridley Arms, Stannington (Lunch)
14:00 Morpeth Market Sq.
14:45 Tap and Spile, Morpeth
15:45 Kings Arms, Seaton Sluice

  TOUR 2
9:45 Tynemouth Station
10:30 Tynemouth Priory
11:15 Turks Head, Tynemouth
12:00 Kings Arms, Seaton Sluice
13:15 Ridley Arms, Stannington (Lunch)
14:45 Morpeth Market Sq.
15:30 Tap and Spile, Morpeth

16:30 Afternoon tea, CASS, Whitley Bay
18.30 Massed Show – The Ship Inn, Monkseaton.
20.15 for 20.30 Morris Feast, CASS Centre.
SUNDAY 12th September 2004
8.00 Breakfast
10.00 Shows at Residential Homes.
Beechwood, plus two others
11.30 Massed Show – Monkseaton Arms
12.30 Lunch – Monkseaton Arms, Monkseaton.
15:00 Depart

Massed shows with all the teams took place outside the Ship Inn, Front Street, Monkseaton at 6:30pm on Saturday 11th September and outside the Monkseaton Arms, Monkseaton at 11:30am on the Sunday 12th.

Beer for the weekend was from the award winning local brewery, Mordue. Saddlworth also supplied their own “carry out” in the form of 9 gallons of Hop Smacker.
In all, well over 45 gallons of beer were supped in the hall over the weekend, and that does not include any beer drunk in the pubs.

For both shows in Monkseaton the public address system will be provided as usual by Steve Graham from ESR (Electronic Components, Station Road, Cullercoats)

Furness Weekend of Dance 40th Anniversary

Team for the Day: Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, John McDermott, Rob Skeates, Paul Nicholson, Jim Nicholson, Allan Rawe, Simon Boak, John Gibson

Date: Friday 2th September 2003
Time: 9:30pm
Arrival at Ulverston was uneventful and the chip shop was soon located, before heading off to the Swan Inn for a fine selection of weird and wonderful sounding beers such as Tag Lag and Shifting Sands. Then it was back to the chippy for the more hollowed legged of the team. It is not often that we get two goes at the chippy.

Time: 10:30 Saturday
Location: Broughton-in-Furness
Nice little village and square where our friends from Wales showed the team how the Welsh dances should be danced. We were the only team to find the back door to the pub, and what a pub it was. Eight real ales on tap including Timothy Taylors and Coniston Blue Bird. 

Time: 2:30 Saturday
Location: The Britannia Inn, Elterwater
Another excellent pub where we performed a Walbottle Seven sword Rapper with slight modifications owing to the fact that we only had two working summersaulters instead of the usual three.

Time: 9:30pm Saturday
Location: Ulverston for the feast and what an excellent meal it was with beer form a local micro brewery. Peter really enjoyed him self, as usual, although the speeches were too much for John

Time: 11:30 am Sunday
Location:  Cartmel
Lovely little village and a good crowd watched all of the teams perform their signature dances before retreating to the local scout hut (in the middle of the race course) for lunch.

Weekend of Dance 2003 6th – 8th June

We were delighted with the response we had from the invitations to this years weekend of dance. The following teams confirmed their attendance:

  • Anstey from Leicestershire
  • Moulton from Northampton
  • Oakworth form Yorkshire
  • Saddleworth from Yorkshire
  • Yateley from way down south

Due to the good response were able to run two tours this year, the details of which are shown below. All teams joined up for a massed show at the Keelmans Pub, Newburn country park at lunch time on the 7th June. This a brew pub for the Big Lamp Brewery .

We also be performed massed shows outside the Ship Inn, Front Street, Monkseaton at 6:30pm on Saturday 7th June and outside the Monkseaton Arms, Monkseaton at 11:30am on the Sunday 8th.

For both shows in Monkseaton the public address system was provided as usual by Steve Graham from ESR (Electronic Components, Station Road, Cullercoats)

Saturday 6th June 2003

Tour 1




10:00 Ferry across the Tyne.

10:15 King Street, South Shields

11:15 The Stags Head, South Shields

12:30 Boathouse, Newburn

13.15 Lunch – Keelmans, Newburn.

15:00 Killingworth Arms, Killingworth


Tour 2




10:00 Bedford Street, North Shields

11:30 Newcastle Quayside (Pitcher and Piano)

13:00 Lunch – Keelmans, Newburn

15:00 Shiremoor House Farm Pub, New York



18.30 Massed Show – The Ship, Monkseaton.

Sunday 8th June 2003 11:30 Massed Show The Monkseaton Arms, Monkseaton

Westminster Morris Men 50th Anniversary Day of Dance

Team for the Day:
Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, , John McDermott, Steve Johnson, Rob Skeates, Paul Nicholson, Allan Rawe and guest appearance from Ben Hobby Date :

Time: Friday 9th May 2003 6:30pm
Off to the smoke on Great North Eastern Railways, letting the train take the strain. Until Peter gets the Doms out (thats dominoes to those unfamiliar with the phrase).
It has become a tradition that dominoes is played on the Friday night of a weekend away. There are very specific rules and it involves playing for money. You can always spot the winners, on the Saturday, as they are the ones walking with a limp, due to the large amount of change that they are now carrying.

doms1      doms2

Time: 10:30
Location: Outside Westminster Abbey
A Quick Ampleforth Longsword got the “crowds” confused 


Time: 12:30 Saturday
Location: Trafalgar Square
For our first dance spot in the square we warmed the crowd up with an Ampleforth Longsword, followed by a five man Rapper

trafalgar-ampleforth      trafalgar-rapper

Time: 17:30 Saturday
Location:  Trafalgar Square
For our second visit to the square we intended to attempt the seven sword Rapper from Wallbottle.I say attempt as one of our team was injured and we were uncertain as to how he would cope with the summersaults. It turned out pretty well and the crowd responded to this quite unique dance.


Not even a high speed camera can stop the fast action. (Or did it have some thing to do with the fact that the camera woman was a drunk as a skunk)

Yateley Morris Men Day of Dance

john-mac Team for the Day: Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, John McDermott, Rob Skeates, Allan Rawe, Paul Nicholson, Jim Nicholson

Time: 22:30 Friday 20th September 2002
Location: Dog and Partridge Pub Yateley
The Dog and Partridge, as well as being the Yateley Morris Men’s local, is also the HQ of the Monster Raving Looney Party. Coincidence or what? Rob’s car got there first in a very impressive average speed including a high speed blow out on the M1. Second car arrived just in time for the last of the Young’s beer to go off which left some very dodgy Pedigree for the rest. Retired to the WI hall with Saddleworth for a night cap. I wish they hadn’t produced the bottle of Laphroaig whiskey. I don’t remember going to bed. Neither did John MaC

Time: 10:00 Saturday 21st Sept 2002
friday-night Coaches left for the tours. Our first stop was at Hammer Vale (the Prince of Wales pub) not that many of us were ready for a pint. The Gales mild was recommended by some one with a poor sense of humour. The only ones to stop and watch us were a woman and her donkey, which was classed as a good crowd evidently. Our first Rapper of the day nearly ended in the flower tubs as a result of the sloping car park.

Time: 11:30
Location: Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Petersfield A quick couple of dances before a long coach ride to the lunch spot. Time: 12:30 Location: Lunch at Woolpack pub in Elstead. A quintessential English village pub with barrels behind the bar. Seems to be the trend. Very good ploughmans lunch washed down with Fullers London Pride. Did a couple of dances to a very small crowd.

hogs-back Time: 14:00
Location: Rural Life Centre, Tilford
Lovely little open air museum. Would have liked to have spent a bit of time looking round but we needed to get to the next spot to meet up with the other tour for a massed dance at the brewery.

Time: 15:00
Location: Hogs Back Brewery for a massed dance with all the teams
Good pint of TEA (Traditional English Ale)

Time: 19:30
saddleworth Location:  Yateley Dog and Partridge for the massed show. People had now got the message and turned out in decent numbers.
The picture below speaks volumes. We managed to get a couple of dances in. A long sword and a seven man Rapper with Bryan as Tommy. Went down well with the crowd.






Boars Head Day of Dance

Team for the Day: Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, Ben Hobby, John Gibson, John McDermott, Matthew Cowan, Steve Johnson, Rob Skeates, Paul Nicholson, Allan Rawe

Date: Saturday 20th April 2002
Time: 6:30

Outside Allan Rawe’s House Team all present and correct, except for our leader, Jackson, who was apparently still running on Alnwick time. The run down to Bradford, where we were due to pick up our tour bus, was uneventful apart from a stop to assist with the bladder comfort of some of the older members of the team.

Bradford appeared to be shut, but then Morris and Clog dancers materialized from all over, including our very own Leeds rebel, Ben Hobby. However Ben had turned up with none regulation shoes- “a round of brandies” came the call, followed by more calls for a round of drinks as John MaC revealed that he had forgotten his Forest of Dean. The day was starting to look up.

Time: 10:00
Location: Halifax Piece Hall

Impressive location but cobbled dance site would not suit a Rapper so after a quick warm up with a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea it was a long Sword Flamborough and a Lads a Buncham to get the brain cell working. This was also our first chance to see the other sides in action. The most striking of which was Flash Company from Ottley. I think it is fair to say that for us real northern lads, we had never seen anything like this before. “Different ” was all I could get out of our Squire, Bryan Jackson. Our Man at House of Fraser, managed to get some real shoes, but the round of drinks was eagerly awaited. Time: Location: 11:30 Hebdon Bridge Nice dance spot with a pub nearby with a wooden Rapper floor. Ben dutifully got the round in. Black Sheep all round. We danced a five sword Walbottle Rapper with Andrew Morris (Yes it is his real name) dancing number one for the first time and Matthew Cowan doing his first Rapper in public. No major hiccups, so the seven sword would be next. John MaC was not having a good day. This is where he left his jacket with all his keys in, with the assistance of Peter Brown. However it was noticed that John was making up for forgotten clothing by drinking two prints to every one else’s one. Danced a Winlaton Rapper in the pub in which Steve Johnson got the sleeve of his shirt ripped off. A mystery Time: Location: 12:30 Heptonstall (Lunch) Timothy Taylor Landlord and other Taylors’ flavours went down a treat along with giant Yorkshire Puddings and stew. All the basic food groups for a Morris team enabling the seven sword Walbottle Rapper to be performed with style on the only flat bit of land in Heptonstall, to a small select audience. Betty was last seem disappearing into a nearby house for some local hospitality.

Time: 14:30
Location: Howorth

Massed dancing at the bottom of the hill and again at the top. Some of the smallest and uneven dance spots we have seen. It was a wonder that no one injured them selves. A shop was closing down so it was fee ice creams all round. One of our last spot saw a bit of a squabble between John MaC and Ben, over the last available position in the Flamborough set.

Time: 18:30
Location: Beehive Pub in Bradford.

The adopted HQ of the Bores Head Morris team, serving more Taylors Landlord. Signing and drinking until it was time for a curry in the adjacent curry house. Stringy Bits for starters (Onion Bah gee). Excellent food before setting back off up north via some strange town called Leeds to drop Mr. Hobby off.


289th Morris Ring Meeting

Richmond on Swale

Team for the Day:
Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, John McDermott, Rob Skeates, John Gibson, Allan Rawe, Matthew Cowan, Ben Hobby,

Time: 20:00 Friday 10th May 2002
flambor_punch1Location: Wetherspoons Pub, Richmond
Excellent beer and an excellent price and quite nice views. Met up with some other teams and the ring Bagman John Frearson, nick name Denis Norden for his ever present clip board. Would have stayed was it not for the lure of a fish supper. Returned to the beer at the Black Lion until the early hours of the morning.

Time : 10:00 Saturday 11th May 2002
After a couple of false starts on wrong coaches set off for a tour of the Dales. This was a different tour that John Mc had told his relatives we were on so he was not a happy chap. Time: 11:15 Location: Gunnerside Danced Ampleforth in the pretty village and nearly got flattened by a Landrover and trailer that was taking no prisoners

Time: 12:00
Location: Low Row, Punch Bowl Inn
Lovely views over the Swale valley and the team warmed up with a Flamborough Long Sword. Then first Rapper set of the day which tested the skills of a fairly new team on a far from perfect surface. One dropped sword was soon sorted. A few of the team taking it steady after last nights long session. The Team was not used to such an early start in the pubs, having usually spent the best part of the evening driving.

Time: 13:00
Location: Reeth
Lunch and more dancing in a very picturesque setting. John MaC met up with his relatives so he was happy again. Danced a seven sword which was well received.

reeth-walbottle reeth-7-sword

Time: 14:30
Location: Askrigg
More illegal dancing on the road, this time avoiding the traffic. Flamborough and Rapper from us and some Cotswold from the rest. One of the best Rappers of the day. Must have been the right combination of confidence beer and adrenaline.

askrigg_walbottle askrigg_walbottle1 askrigg_walbottle2

Time: 19:30
Location: Richmond Town Hall for the Feast
Good food, excellent beer (some fruity and some quaffy), dodgy speeches and some more dodgy singing.


It was a mystery why some of the choir had to go out and sing on the stairs. We then retired to the Black Lion for more excellent beer and some of the best dancing of the day. John Gibson wished he’d forgone the apple pie and double custard during the last spin in our Rapper set. Some of the locals joined in with the dancing out side the pub.

audience bobbing claro1

Programme 2013

1st January 2013 Ship Inn, Monkseaton 12:00 Definite

6&7th April Morpeth Gathering Posible

23rd April Sun Inn, Swalwell Rapper dancing for St Georges Day Definite

18 th May Westminster Morris Mens Day of Dance Definite

20th May Monkseaton Arms 8:00pm Definite

3rd June Cannon Inn, Earsdon 8:00pm Definite

9th June North Sunderland Village Fete Possible

17th June Kings Arms, Seaton Sluice Definite

1st July Hastings Arms, Seaton Delaval 8:00pm Definite

12 – 14th July Greensleeves Morris Men, Weekend of dance, Chipperfiled Definite

15th July Monkseaton Arms, Monkseaton 8:00pm Definite