The Monkseaton Morrismen and Folk Dance Club are top exponents of the traditional dances of Northumbria and one of the leading folk dance groups in England. The club was founded in 1955 with the aim of raising a small but highly competent team of dancers and musicians, able and willing to give authentic performances at the highest possible standard of English traditional dances, and in particular the dances of their own region of Northumbria.

In its early days the club gave on average over forty performances a year for all manner of audiences, large and small.  In recent years this number of performances has reduced, however they still dance out at least 15 times a year. They have performed on three occasions at the National Festival of the English folk Dance and Song Society at the Royal Albert Hall, London and at the Royal Festival Hall Edinburgh.

The club has toured or danced at Festivals in Norway, Germany, France, America, Czechoslovakia and Hong Kong. However, their most important performance of the year, is on their home patch in Monkseaton on New Years Day.

Although the standard of performances and presentation is professional, the members of the club are completely amateur, asking only for donations for it’s performances in order to maintain costumes and meet administrative expenses.