Boars Head Day of Dance

Team for the Day: Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, Ben Hobby, John Gibson, John McDermott, Matthew Cowan, Steve Johnson, Rob Skeates, Paul Nicholson, Allan Rawe

Date: Saturday 20th April 2002
Time: 6:30

Outside Allan Rawe’s House Team all present and correct, except for our leader, Jackson, who was apparently still running on Alnwick time. The run down to Bradford, where we were due to pick up our tour bus, was uneventful apart from a stop to assist with the bladder comfort of some of the older members of the team.

Bradford appeared to be shut, but then Morris and Clog dancers materialized from all over, including our very own Leeds rebel, Ben Hobby. However Ben had turned up with none regulation shoes- “a round of brandies” came the call, followed by more calls for a round of drinks as John MaC revealed that he had forgotten his Forest of Dean. The day was starting to look up.

Time: 10:00
Location: Halifax Piece Hall

Impressive location but cobbled dance site would not suit a Rapper so after a quick warm up with a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea it was a long Sword Flamborough and a Lads a Buncham to get the brain cell working. This was also our first chance to see the other sides in action. The most striking of which was Flash Company from Ottley. I think it is fair to say that for us real northern lads, we had never seen anything like this before. “Different ” was all I could get out of our Squire, Bryan Jackson. Our Man at House of Fraser, managed to get some real shoes, but the round of drinks was eagerly awaited. Time: Location: 11:30 Hebdon Bridge Nice dance spot with a pub nearby with a wooden Rapper floor. Ben dutifully got the round in. Black Sheep all round. We danced a five sword Walbottle Rapper with Andrew Morris (Yes it is his real name) dancing number one for the first time and Matthew Cowan doing his first Rapper in public. No major hiccups, so the seven sword would be next. John MaC was not having a good day. This is where he left his jacket with all his keys in, with the assistance of Peter Brown. However it was noticed that John was making up for forgotten clothing by drinking two prints to every one else’s one. Danced a Winlaton Rapper in the pub in which Steve Johnson got the sleeve of his shirt ripped off. A mystery Time: Location: 12:30 Heptonstall (Lunch) Timothy Taylor Landlord and other Taylors’ flavours went down a treat along with giant Yorkshire Puddings and stew. All the basic food groups for a Morris team enabling the seven sword Walbottle Rapper to be performed with style on the only flat bit of land in Heptonstall, to a small select audience. Betty was last seem disappearing into a nearby house for some local hospitality.

Time: 14:30
Location: Howorth

Massed dancing at the bottom of the hill and again at the top. Some of the smallest and uneven dance spots we have seen. It was a wonder that no one injured them selves. A shop was closing down so it was fee ice creams all round. One of our last spot saw a bit of a squabble between John MaC and Ben, over the last available position in the Flamborough set.

Time: 18:30
Location: Beehive Pub in Bradford.

The adopted HQ of the Bores Head Morris team, serving more Taylors Landlord. Signing and drinking until it was time for a curry in the adjacent curry house. Stringy Bits for starters (Onion Bah gee). Excellent food before setting back off up north via some strange town called Leeds to drop Mr. Hobby off.