The men’s basic costume consists of:

  • Black shoes with silver buckles
  • White socks; Black breeches
  • White shirts

Depending on the dance, this basic costume is supplemented with the following

For the Cotswold Morris Dances:

  • Multi coloured Forest of Dean Waistcoats
  • Black top hats with ribbons
  • Bell pads

For the Flamborough Long Sword

  • Fishermen’s Smocks

For Ampleforth Long Sword and Mummers Play:

  • White trousers
  • Green jackets with Gold braid

For the Rapper Sword dances

  • Green sashes


The ladies costume is based on an 18th century design, with full skirts in natural colours of blue green heather and rust. A tight fitting bodice is worn over a white blouse. The skirt is covered by a traditional white apron. The costume is complemented by a white cap and white fichu worn over the shoulders.