Westminster Morris Men 50th Anniversary Day of Dance

Team for the Day:
Bryan Jackson, Peter Brown, Andrew Morris, , John McDermott, Steve Johnson, Rob Skeates, Paul Nicholson, Allan Rawe and guest appearance from Ben Hobby Date :

Time: Friday 9th May 2003 6:30pm
Off to the smoke on Great North Eastern Railways, letting the train take the strain. Until Peter gets the Doms out (thats dominoes to those unfamiliar with the phrase).
It has become a tradition that dominoes is played on the Friday night of a weekend away. There are very specific rules and it involves playing for money. You can always spot the winners, on the Saturday, as they are the ones walking with a limp, due to the large amount of change that they are now carrying.

doms1      doms2

Time: 10:30
Location: Outside Westminster Abbey
A Quick Ampleforth Longsword got the “crowds” confused 


Time: 12:30 Saturday
Location: Trafalgar Square
For our first dance spot in the square we warmed the crowd up with an Ampleforth Longsword, followed by a five man Rapper

trafalgar-ampleforth      trafalgar-rapper

Time: 17:30 Saturday
Location:  Trafalgar Square
For our second visit to the square we intended to attempt the seven sword Rapper from Wallbottle.I say attempt as one of our team was injured and we were uncertain as to how he would cope with the summersaults. It turned out pretty well and the crowd responded to this quite unique dance.


Not even a high speed camera can stop the fast action. (Or did it have some thing to do with the fact that the camera woman was a drunk as a skunk)